the long weekend curse of just a job jobs.

There’s nothing like a long weekend to separate the “real jobs” from the “just a job jobs”. The “real jobs” always like to ask me (a “just a job job” girl) what I’m doing right before the long weekend. They’ll usually say something like this:

“So what fun plans do you have for the coming long weekend? Cottages? Barbecues?”

Then I laugh as I’m handing them their grande non-fat caramel macchiato (no whip, half sweet) and say something like this:

“Oh, no, I’m just working.”

Then they kind of stop as they’re putting the sleeve on their cup and look up and go, “Oh, man, that really sucks. Well, try to have fun here then!”

Then they carry on their way.

I love those conversations. They really make me feel like I’m on top of the world.

The thing is, most real jobs get weekends off. Most just a job jobs do not. That’s just how it is. Maybe you’ll score one out of the three long weekend days off but that’s if you’re really lucky and half your staff didn’t already book it. Otherwise, you have been chained and impounded until your weekend is over.

This doesn’t mean that your weekend has to be all moping and whining and sitting alone in a corner, though. What it means is that there has been a mass exodus from your city and you have just become top dog.

You could take up knitting or wood carving because why not; your friends aren’t here to distract you anyways!

You could drive within the city (avoiding all highways until late Saturday night) with fewer other cars. Blast this song while you’re at it, to prove that you’re okay with everything:

You could start and finish Gullivers Travels so that when your friends come back you could say you had adventures that they couldn’t possible have had.

You could take pictures of yourself making new city-bound friends and send them to all your “I don’t need to stay here” friends to prove that you’re okay without them.

You could go on lots of dates. They don’t even have to be real dates. When your friends return just tell them that you went on a bunch of dates but none of the people were good enough for you and that’s why they’ll never, ever meet them.

Or, if none of this is appealing to you, you could just have booked off the weekend a couple months in advance and traveled this province with your friends and avoided this whole debacle. I suppose that would work, if planning is your style.

At the end of the day, though, just remember that having just a job job is still a job. Working the long weekend means extra pay and a little leverage against your real job friends (“Hey can you help me move this weekend?” “Dude, I’ve worked every long weekend this year.” “So?” “So that means I don’t have to.” .. see how that works?).

And don’t forget, if the long weekend working blues have you down… you are never alone as long as you have this:


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