this is your hair. this is your hair on halloween.

Halloween is hard on a ginger.

There are an inordinate amount of costume options available in the world, ranging from the overdone cat to the bloody, boa-clad and unidentifiable thing you came up with last year. You could go the Mean Girls route and be a mouse (duh) or you could play it safe and be a ghost. It’s all in your hands, your imagination, and your creativity abounds this time of year.

Unless you’re a ginger.

Have you ever tried to plan a group costume with your friends? Have you ever been the ginger in said group? I guarantee you that if you have you understand the lack of options you’ve been given when this situation occurs.

“Hey, let’s go as the Spice Girls!”

…I guess I’ll be ginger spice, guys.

“I have the best idea: we should be the Disney princesses!”

…I suppose I’m Ariel?

“Harry Potter characters?!”

…I’m Ginny, right. Oh, that’s taken? I guess I’ll be Ron, then.

“We could go as a RAINBOW!!!!!”

…Guaranteed I can already assume what letter in ROYGBIV I’m representing.

I understand why everyone would assume that as the token ginger in the group you would automatically assume the role of the token ginger in your costume inspiration group. It’s a natural reaction, really, to just slide you into that role like a round peg in a, well… round hole.

But what if I don’t want to? Isn’t Halloween about becoming something you’ve never been able to be, someone you’ll never become in real life?

In that case, is it really so farfetched for me to want to be Scary Spice? Or Mulan? Or Hagrid?!

And maybe I want to be indigo in that rainbow, guys. Just give me the chance.

Now, let’s pretend for a second that you don’t have a whole group of friends that want to go as a whole group in a whole group costume in whole group fun. You guys are all doing your own thing. In a lack of inspiration, you ask your friends for ideas on what you could be.

“Jessica Rabbit!”

“Anne of Green Gables!”

“Pippy Longstocking!”

“Hmm… I don’t know… what’s a good redhead costume?”

So that’s what it comes down to. When you’re a ginger and it’s Halloween, you’re just not allowed to not be a ginger. You’re not allowed to deny your freckles, your pale skin, or your South Park-created soulless existence. The blondes can become brunettes, the brunettes can become bald men for all anyone cares.

But gingers will always be gingers.

And people don’t understand when, for one day, you just want to be something different.

It’s a hard-knocked life for us, as a fellow ginger once sang.


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