being a womanly woman and such.

I’ve posted a few times before today about women’s rights and how I feel about the whole birth control/abortion/equal pay argument that is happening currently.

If you missed those posts, you could probably guess where I stand already but let’s just say I like to be given choices. I don’t like having them taken away from me.

I think it’s important to be a strong woman and to stand up for yourself. I think it’s important to teach our daughters, sisters, friends, and coworkers what it is to be a strong woman as well. I think there is a time and a place to stand up for each other as women.

However, there is a limit.

I was watching The Amazing Race last night and I honestly could have clawed my face off with annoyance. There is a set of female twins competing in the race this season and they never, and I mean never, miss an opportunity to remind everyone that they are women.

“We’re the only women in this competition let’s show those boys what women can do!”

“I bet these men have never seen women do these things and they’re all surprised!”

“We’re women and we have to show them we’re strong!”

No. Stop. You’re not helping.

One, there are women that are competing against you and just because their teammate is a male it does not disqualify them as such.

Two, the more you remind everyone that you’re a woman the less amazing it becomes.

If you feel the need to beat everyone over the head with the absence of your male genitalia (wow, what an image), then you’re not promoting anything. All you’re doing is showing everyone that you can do what everyone else is doing but you can be extra annoying while doing it.

Way to use those multitasking skills we have, girls.

I believe, perhaps naively, that in most situations I would be taken just as seriously as a male counterpart. I believe that I don’t have to wear a t-shirt that says “Ask me about my vagina” to make people notice that I am not a man. I believe that I can do most things a man can do and that most men believe that too.

So I don’t remind everyone about it.

Or else I’ll just sound like a nagging housewife.

Imagine that.


3 thoughts on “being a womanly woman and such.

  1. says:

    Or sound like a shrew…one of the most unflattering female images.
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  2. Liz Barnett (@WomanlyWoman) says:

    I think every situation is unique, but I have had times in my life that I was like a “nagging housewife” reminding people that I am a woman – because women are not treated the same as men in some contexts. I think typically when women do this sort of thing, it’s because they do have a sense of some perceived threat that they will be treated differently so they want to highlight their difference. In some ways, it is kind of like LGBT people having a pride parade. There are people in that community that feel a parade is not necessary and others that feel it is celebrating difference. Some people think that valuing diversity means that you are equalizing everyone. Others recognize that their are differences and value that each person is an individual that comes from a unique community. I used to work on a college campus, and I liked that we would attempt to celebrate all types of backgrounds amongst students. For example, we would share information about Kwanzaa. Some students felt that this was a negative thing because it would make African American students that celebrated this holiday feel different from other students. The reality is, every human being really IS different from other human beings. So until we are comfortable CELEBRATING difference, we haven’t really moved forward. I didn’t watch that show, but I would imagine that the women felt they were not celebrated or acknowledged for being different so they were highlighting it. It really is OK to be acknowledged for being different, in my opinion. My guess is that had the show found some way to acknowledge it, the women would not have felt inclined to bring it up.

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