life goals.

Apparently the world is going to end or something. I just found out. Just kidding, I didn’t, it’s just that I don’t care. I kind of think it’s a little silly, yes?

The thing is, if it does end tomorrow, there are a lot of things I haven’t done that I really wanted to. Most of these things have nothing to do with being professional or, generally, grown up.

Here’s a short list (as in 5) of things that I’d like to accomplish in my up and coming life provided that the world does not end and I actually try!

1. Have a library – This is my main goal in life. It really is. I want a room lined with shelves, floor to ceiling, and full of books. I want in it one side table, one lamp, and one chair. Why one chair? That’s to deter people from coming in and trying to have a full out conversation with you while you’re trying to read which is quite possibly the most annoying thing that anyone can ever do. If you have one chair, they will have nowhere to sit and from the get-go are passive aggressively not welcome. Then maybe they will get the message and not think that the book in front of your face is code for, “Please yes talk to me about the colour you want to paint your room!!!” Oh, and no e-readers allowed. A room full of empty shelves except for the one charging device is sort of lame, no?

2. Get married at the ROM – I think I mentioned this in a post way, way, way in the past. If you know me personally, you’ve probably heard me mention this many times. I don’t have many plans for my future wedding. I actually don’t think I’d mind if him that I choose as my significant other was all, “I never ever ever want to get married. Like, ever.” (He would probably sing that like T.Swift.) If it came down to it, though, and I was there with a ring on my finger and trying on dresses made of taffeta or satin or whatever they’re made from, I’d be booking the Royal Ontario Museum. I want pictures with dinosaurs in my wedding dress because I’m really grown up about these sorts of things. I also want mini food. Like, mini grilled cheese and tacos and sliders. Mini food makes everyone feel like a giant and how could you go wrong with that?

3. Learn to play the piano – This is one of those things that I always say, “I wish I had learned to play the piano” as if I’m 97 years old and on my death bed. It’s like, well, now you’re in your twenties and past the point of parents forcing you in to piano lessons so… yeah, not happening. No, that’s not a thing that really has to happen. I could learn on my own accord, find lessons for myself, and play a little ditty here and there. Who knows, maybe I’d become the best ragtime piano player in the GTA. There’s a pretty big desire for those in these parts.

4. Also learn to knit. Or crochet. Or anything that results in me making a scarf. – I love knitted things. I love them. I am jealous of anyone who can make their own little knitted cup cozy or little baby booties. I want to do that. We can file this under the “play piano” category: It’s not too late.

5. Be more honest – I’m not saying that I lie to everyone. I really don’t. I mean emotionally honest. I’m the worst for when someone is like, “Are you okay?” and I’m all, “Yeah, man, I’m fine.” Really, on the inside at that very moment, I’m probably really, really upset. Or someone is like, “Hey, like, do you actually want to be just friends or is this something more to you?” I usually go, “Ha, we’ve always been friends, why would I want something more now?” WORST. I need to stop, really. I’m working on it, slowly but surely. Yesterday I freely admitted that I cried watching “Becoming Santa” (an amazing documentary that I promise will restore any Christmas spirit you might not have anymore), because it was so beautiful and wonderful.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone 🙂


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