a punch in the face.

The other day a customer came in to my work and somehow we started talking about people not being tough. He looked at me and the other girl I was working with and said, “Know what the problem with people your age and younger are?”

We didn’t.

He explained, “They’ve never been punched in the face.”

That might sound a little harsh but there’s a lot of truth in that statement. It’s not really that everyone should take a punch once in their life to toughen up, etc. etc. What he was really saying is that we are the beginning of a generation of people who have been handed things, who have been told they can do anything, who have been coddled, heralded, and placed on pedestals they didn’t deserve.

There should be no parent out there who thinks that it is a good idea for their child to not have the possibility to fail a class in school. There should be no person out there who thinks it is a good idea to take away scoring from children’s sports. We as humans need to learn how to lose gracefully, win humbly, and take a hit when it comes at us. If we are constantly shielding our children from these things then life will be much harder on them when it comes on full force.

We need to think about their future, about how when they finally move out and they get their first job and they perform at a half-assed rate because that’s what they’ve been allowed their whole life that they’re going to get fired. We need to think about how they will take that news, about how they will react to the real world in the form of a boss that was raised with restrictions and win/lose situations in their life bringing their lack of work ethic down around them.

This customer carried on by saying, “These guys who walk around with a fucking scarf on in July or a toque in August are the same ones who are going to whine when they lose at a game. And don’t even get me started on skinny jeans.”

So he might not have the best fashion sense, but the guy knew what he was talking about. I just really hope that everyone in my life, and all of their kids, gets punched in the face at least once.

Figuratively, of course.

But really.


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