one more week.

In one week I’m boarding a plane to Ireland for a month. Everyone said it will be here before I know it and, honestly, six months ago it really felt like a lifetime. Here it is, though, the last week of preparations and harnessing all of my confidence to jump in with both feet.

Four years ago around this time I was counting down the days until I boarded a plane, as well. I was going to be heading to Edmonton at the beginning of May to spend my summer with a boy I loved very, very much. A military boy that had been stationed in Edmonton that I couldn’t stand to spend one more day without, so I moved there to see him, away from everyone else that I loved very, very much.

I can’t help but smile thinking of how much has changed since then.

I feel so proud of myself knowing that in the last four years I went from being a kid who followed her heart out of love for a boy to a woman who is following her heart out of love for herself. It’s not that I regret moving back then, it taught me a lot, and it’s not that I would never move with someone again, it’s just that at that time all I could do to be happy was to move to him.

I didn’t even know how to be alone.

And now I’m spending a whole month across an ocean alone.

I’m sad to be leaving all of the amazing people I have in my life for so long but as they keep telling me, “It’s only a month, it’ll fly by.” I’m so blessed to have such supportive people around me who are nothing but happy for me and who I know will all still be here when I get back. And I know that I never would have had the confidence or desire to do this for myself if it wasn’t for having them surrounding me.

One week.

Bring it on.


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