day one.

I am here in Ireland, safe and sound in my hostel in Dublin. I’m tired and a little hungry but needing a moment to rest. I’ve been travelling and then on my feet for the last 24 hours or so and I’m thinking that a moment to regroup would be good.

I didn’t do too many touristy things today, mainly just walked around and took everything in. It’s odd because I don’t really feel like I’m somewhere very far away from home. I feel comfortable in a way I think I shouldn’t given that I’m literally an ocean away from everyone I love, but maybe that’s just because I found two different outdoor shopping malls that included H&M and Topshop.

I did visit Christ Church Cathedral which was magnificent in ways that our churches just aren’t. The detail and the huge vaulted ceilings, tombs, stained glass and just the history of it was amazing. I have pictures but they really don’t do it justice. I’m not a religious person by any means but there is something about cathedrals with that sort of presence that make you stop and say, “Whoa.”

I noticed in my walkings about a couple of things about Dublin that are different from here. One is the piles of makeup and I’m not talking about on shelves. The girls here have so much makeup on their faces it’s like their Cosmo magazines forgot to put that “Day to Night” section in. It’s making my BB cream and mascara look rather plain. I’m okay with it because I’d rather look plain than like some sort of Pinocchio-esque creature but STILL, calm down with the foundation and eyeliner, would you?

I’m also trying to get a grasp of this whole driving on the other side thing. It’s not working. For the first little while I was attempting to figure out where the cars would be coming from but I would instinctively look the wrong way every time. Now I just figure I’ll follow the crowd. When they all decide to walk, I walk. When the walk sign is on, I walk. When there are absolutely no cars in sight, I walk. So far, so good. I’m assuming this tactic will work out every time, right?

Tomorrow will be my major tourist day, when I go and see all the sights and sounds and my legs wonder why I’m insisting on torturing them so much. I’m sure I’ll have many more pictures to share than I do right now.. because that’s only about six.

Oh, I also passed a place that had a pie and beer combo. I think I’m going to like this place.


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