day six.

I’m here in Killarney after deciding to get the heck out of Cork. I was told that the castle was a bit of a tourist trap, long lines, expensive and more a bother than anything.

Last night I met a girl in my room from Switzerland who was also feeling a little homesick. We ended up chatting and grabbing a beer which really made me feel a little better. It just so happened we were both heading to Killarney so we took the bus together.

After spending the morning walking around Cork, getting coffee and cake, I was already starting to feel a little better. I think my mind needed a day of normalcy with someone to talk to in order to get itself back on track with this trip.

I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of the bus ride to Killarney. We drove through wild mountains covered in bushes, green grass and sheep. It was a journey of twisty roads through foggy little towns and it was spectacular.

And it took that for me to once again be like , “wow, so this is Ireland.”

I’m still missing everyone back home terribly but I think ending up somewhere that I want to be is helping. I have plans to go to the park tomorrow and bike one of the trails with the girl I met so I’m excited.

Also I’m typing this on my iPod because I still can’t find a cord or adaptor for my laptop so bear with me if there are odd mistakes.

I’m looking forward to this week.


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