day seven.

So today, my faith in the beauty of Ireland that was lost in Cork was found again. Also, my legs hate me.

I rented a bike from a local shop and went to Killarney National Park to bike the trails. 23 kilometres later… not a word of a lie.

It was beyond with the impending thigh hatred that is coming at me (I’m pretty sure that my legs are going to cut themselves off if I don’t come back from this trip in better shape, honestly). We saw this old Abbey that had once  been the home of monks involved in serious worship. There were all this little staircases and hallways, half-ruined walls and a centre grassy area with a big tree growing up the middle. Surrounding it was a graveyard that had stones both old and new. It was perfect.

We continued on to an old house and gardens and then through the trail to get to the waterfall in the park. We were surrounded by the greenest mountains I’ve ever seen, lakes, and trees covered in moss. The wind and rain was not forgiving but once in awhile the sun peeked itself out. I still came back rather cold and wet.

The waterfall… spectacular. I could have sat and stared at it all day. It was just beyond words.

Today was an amazing day. That park was incredible, it brought back so much love for this country for me and made me understand why people can never stop talking about it once they’ve been  here.

Now to go find some warm socks.


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