day eight.

I’m sitting in a cafe in limerick enjoying a cup of tea and a scone. It’s one of the most wonderful things about Ireland – you’re never far from a cup of tea.

I’m only spending the one night in Limerick and I’m taking it as an opportunity to date myself for a night. I’ve spent the last week in the company of others and as lovely as it’s been to meet so many people I’m enjoying the time alone.

Despite the bitter winds and rain today I couldn’t miss the opportunity to walk by the River Shannon. It’s an odd feeling to know that you’re right next to something that has been written about so many times. The water was rough with the winds and a little angry looking. I loved it.

During the bus trip from Killarney an older Irish woman sat next to me and gave me a mini history lesson about the area. Apparently it’s becoming quite common for both gypsies and Americans to come in and purchase properties when the owners pass away or can’t afford them. Then they turn them into tourist attractions or destroy their character completely. She said it has started to become quite the fight to keep their history the way they want it.

It makes me sad to think that this is happening everywhere. I don’t know if Toronto as a whole would ever overlook making money for heritage so I wonder at what point we as humans decide to stop trying to update everything and start trying to maintain our history.

It’s something to think about, at least.

I wish that I could explain to everyone what it’s like here. Even the bus rides are spectacular. Killarney and Limerick have both been beyond friendly and I’m feeling settled now.

This tea and scone are calling my name. Perhaps out tonight for some “trad” music, as they call it. We shall see!


4 thoughts on “day eight.

  1. kathleen kelly says:

    Such a total delight to read your vivid, insightful and often entertaining posts, Caitlin. You’re a brilliant writer, and I’m proud of you for setting off to explore the world. Please enjoy one of those good Irish cuppas for me luvvie.

    Aunt Kath 🙂 xo

  2. Lorraine Oakley says:

    Hello, I am Lorraine your grandmother Paulette’s cousin from England, (though I live in the Middle East at the moment) I am really enjoying your blog, my mum was born in Tramour just outside Waterford and I recently felt a real longing to go there because we live so near we never have! Your blog is inspiring me and I will go as soon as I can. I know it is hard when you are away from your loved one, I miss my sons when I am here but their love is always in your heart, I do find connecting with the earth helps, stand on the lovely green grass and feel your roots go downwards and you will feel complete again. Keep enjoying this wonderful experience that will always be with you and thanks for sharing it. x

    • caitycakes says:

      Thank you so much! That is so wonderful of you to say – I’m so happy that me writing anything can inspire someone to do something at all. I highly recommend it here (as you can see)… it really is a beautiful place.

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