a little anecdote.

Here is a lovely story linking Canada and Ireland that I was told the other day:

Canadian geese have gone and got themselves all mixed up. They have started migrating to Ireland in the winter. This only started happening a couple of years ago and when they first started coming no one knew specifically what they were other than geese that made a huge mess of their fields. This is something we Canadians are all too familiar with.

One day my tour guide was taking a couple of Canadians out on a tour when they stopped at a field where these geese were grazing (is that the right word – grazing?). He started to tell them how they had just started showing up here a little while ago and one of the tourists said, “Do you know what those are?” To which the tour guide responded, “No, I don’t actually.”

So he informed them that they were Canadian geese and apparently a little lost and far from home.

During this exchange there were a group of Irish boys doing as boys do and slightly terrorizing the geese, throwing stones at them and such. Out from one of the houses came the mother of at least one of the boys who then yelled out in her thick Northern Irish accent:

“Hey! You leave them chickens alone!”


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