The Apartment

Check out this blog – this is a direct link to a story of mine that I submitted but there’s plenty of other awesome Toronto-based posts to read through!

Widdershins Lit

In the daylight the sky streams through the windows, through the blinds, and kisses the floor boards. It makes the stain glow, reflecting a light back in to the room that never would have existed without it. I see that sparkle now, that shine that only lives for the grace of the afternoon sun, and think of everything it used to give me.

I remember the summer afternoons when we were both home from work, a merciful event that rarely happened. Our lives were so often spent in passing kisses, glancing touches as one of us kicked our shoes off from the outside and the other slipped into theirs. We both worked hard to pay for our apartment, to save money for our future. The odd times when we had hours to spend together were latched on to with a reckless energy, both of us thankful and crazed by the…

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