whole30 days eleven to twenty.

Alright, alright, alright!

As of two days ago I was twenty days into my first Whole30 experience. I already told you about my first ten days in an earlier post and some things have changed, others have not.

I have noticed that I’m following the Whole30 timeline for how you’ll generally feel during your thirty days almost to a tee. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs as my body has adjusted to its new eating habits. In the last ten days I’ve been energized, fatigued, bored, annoyed, and excited by the Whole30. I’m telling you, I’ve been all over the place with my feelings towards this thing.

I’ve still eaten a lot of the same things: eggs, vegetables, meat with spices on them, coconut milk, and fruit. This has been the main cause of my boredom. I’ve started to switch it up in the last couple of days by getting a little more creative with my meals and snacks. I’m just over a week away from being finished and the last thing I need is to be thwarted by ennui. So I’ve learned to make a damn good omelette, finally relented and bought some almond butter (I was convinced it wouldn’t be worth it since I love peanut butter so much but oh my god is it ever amazing), and looked at different ways to cook my vegetables. I feel much more excited about the whole thing now.

My energy levels have been all over the place, as well. This is the one area that I’m not completely following the Whole30 timeline as I’m supposed to hit a phase of increased energy after about day 16. I’m only just starting to feel that now and it’s still not as high as I imagined it would be. I realize that everyone is different and I might have also had expectations on the manic energy side. It’s not unlike me to have ridiculously high expectations…

I realized this past weekend, however, after a downer moment where I lamented not even being able to eat yogurt as a snack as Sam snacked on the greatest looking yogurt parfait in history, that I am the best person for this sort of program. It has made me look at what I’ve been eating like I never have before. I started this to try to figure out how my body reacts to food and what I’m really putting into my body. I thought it would be easy since I wasn’t eating that badly before this but I had no idea how much added sugar I was putting into my body before this. I also had no idea how anything was affecting my emotional and mental state, completely looking over nutrition as a source of my varied moods.

I finally feel settled into this Whole30 experience. It feels a little late, but I feel really good. I’m excited by the fact that what I’m most looking forward to when this is finished is adding things into my diet that are healthy but I can’t have right now (oats, peanut butter, maybe a square of dark chocolate). My mindset feels changed and I feel like the clouds have parted, I see clearly, and this whole thing has made me finally want to change my relationship with food once and for all.

I’m really excited to tell you about the last ten days when this is done!



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