the end of the whole30.

Everyone! Everyone! Look at me! I am officially, one hundred percent, completely finished the Whole30. Thirty days with no dairy, no grains of any sort, no added sugars of any kind (yes, including honey and maple syrup, poor me) and a whole ton of eggs and vegetables. I made two previous posts on my progress throughout the thirty day program so let’s just focus on the final stretch and how I feel now, shall we?

Long story short: I feel great.

Okay,we’re done here. That’s all you really need to know, right?

Just kidding. I know, I’m hilarious. Seriously, though, I feel amazing. The first two to three weeks were a little dicey. I went from high energy to no energy with a few moody days in between (sorry, Sam). In the last ten days, however, my body had finally adjusted and I felt incredible. I finally started to feel the benefits of a super clean diet and also realized just how unclean my diet had been before.

I was eating fairly healthy before starting the Whole30 but I was definitely treating myself more than I should have. I don’t think it counts as a cheat meal or one small treat when it happens every couple of days, you know? Except I honestly hadn’t realized how often I was doing this until I wasn’t allowed to anymore. I started to take stock of the sugar I had been consuming and was shocked especially when I looked at unsuspected sources (hi, packaged, sliced multigrain bread!). I knew sugar is in basically everything but even my healthiest go-to items seemed to have sugar in them. I felt a little naive when I started to look at all of the things, as if I really thought I had outsmarted the packaged food industry!

A lot of changes occurred during the thirty days, besides the sugar withdrawals. I didn’t actually lose that much weight, only a couple of pounds, but I did lose a full inch off of my hips and was able to get into a pair of size six pants a week ago. This never would have happened a month or two ago. My skin is clearer and except for those couple of moody, withdrawal days, my emotions were way more in control. In fact I would even hazard a guess that my hormones are more balanced now than they have been in a very long time. My pre-menstrual symptoms are brutal, at times edging on pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, and I was much calmer this month. I also came to realize how much my diet was affecting my hormonal balance when I got my period a full week early despite being on birth control. I couldn’t have had better proof that a lot of my imbalances and health issues, physical and mental, were suffering from my dietary choices.

Now that I’ve been off of the program for two days I can’t see myself going back to the refined sugar life. I missed dairy and grains and I have started to reintroduce those into my diet. I have had no physical repercussions from these additions, which I’m happy to see, and leads me to believe that I am right in believing that sugar was the demon of my diet. My plan is to continue eating clean, cutting out refined sugars as much as possible, and making my own sauces and dressings to combat the “let’s put sugar in everything” idea the food industry seems to have.

I went into the Whole30 hoping to discover something about my diet, especially if there was anything affecting my mood. I came out of it happier, healthier, and more enlightened about my health than I have ever been. I feel really great and I don’t regret doing the program at all. In fact, if you are struggling with your health in any way, I recommend doing the Whole30. You never know what you might discover!



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